Why Partner with Hightide

Hightide Holidays has a 15 year history of providing marketing services to accommodation, tourism and hospitality providers. Our primary role is in assisting accommodation providers with yield management and increased occupancy.

Hightide Holidays is one of the largest Holiday Club Accommodation providers of its type in Australia with a membership of over 200,000. Some reasons why you need to partner with us are:

  • A resort accepting just one 3 night Hightide member’s stay per apartment per month will increase its overall occupancy by 10% therefore increase annual profit and capital gain (at sale).

  • An average management rights property who receives 250 room nights per year from Hightide members should achieve nearly $40,000 additional capital gain when they sell. (Based on an average room rate of $125, a multiplier of 5, market average commission and indirect revenue.)

  • Increase your occupancy at the times you need it and improve your yield.

  • Access a closed user group and will introduce new customers to your property and/or service.

  • Work with the industry leader in volume, professionalism, ethics and service.

  • Membership prices and property promotions are restricted to VIP members therefore not seen by the general public and internet searches.

  • All partner properties are marketing  via the four channels within Hightide:
    • Online Advertising
    • Direct Marketing
    • Print Media
    • Social Media

  • The Hightide Holiday Consultants manage the booking process and payments are direct deposited into the property’s account prior to the arrival of the member.


Who are we? "LeisureCom Travel Group is about passion and promises and what it takes to make them come true"

The simple, singular promise we make to our customers and our property partners across Australia and the world, dictates everything we stand for and everything we do. It is a promise we realised we could only make if we started from scratch and built our business, our brands and our company culture entirely from new.

For this reason alone we are totally different in every way to every other holiday and travel organisation in Australia.

Everything about us, from the contortionist capabilities of our Online Distribution and Management System to our crazy call centre culture and the innovative way we bring so many people and possibilities together, is totally unique.

We didn't design it differently just to be different. We did it this way because it was the only way we could honour the promise we make with such passion, purpose and pride to our customers, our partners and our own people.

Hightide Holidays & Lifestyle Club
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