Membership Refund Policy
    1. An overview of the situations where we will authorise or decline a refund are listed in the following table.
    2. This overview is non-exhaustive and we reserve the right (subject to your rights under applicable consumer protection laws) to deviate from the overview at our sole discretion.
    3. In all cases, you will have full use of your Membership while a determination to refund is being made.

      Request reason When refund applies or does not apply
      Change of mind

      Subject to any cooling of periods that may apply under applicable legislation, we reserve the right to refuse a refund based on change of mind.

      Unable to use Membership

      We reserve the right to refuse a refund where you are unable to use your Membership.

      You may transfer your Membership to another person. We will transfer your Membership free of charge upon your request. You are solely responsible and liable for any and all arrangements between you and the transferee.

      Unauthorised transaction

      Upon our providing you information of the full price and nature of your Membership, provided you our Product Disclosure Statement, and you provide your payment details in order to purchase a Membership, the resulting debit becomes an authorised transaction that cannot be disputed.

      Where a sale is post-dated at your request, authorisation is retained and the sale processed unless you notify us prior to the agreed post-date.

      In cases where the payment gateway attracts multiple transaction in error, an immediate refund applies. n immediate refund will be authorised internally and does not require a refund request to be made. Verification of multiple transactions is obtained through our accounts department

      Clear misrepresentation of the product

      If the information that we provide you proves to be incorrect, a full refund will be provided.

      However, due to the constant variances in the travel industry, the scope of product available in membership may change from time to time. If the product changes after the date of sale, a refund will not apply as no clear misrepresentation has occurred. This will apply particularly where specific resorts no longer providing discounts to The Program as well as changes in rates and allotments.

      Renewed in error (membership already active)

      Members are able to renew their own membership on-line and may do so in error well before renewal is due. Where this occurs more than 90 days prior to the membership expiry date, a refund will be provided.

      If this occurs within 90 days of the membership expiry date, a refund will not be given. Instead, the membership period will be extended accordingly.

      A refund will not be provided in the above circumstances where membership has been renewed under a specific “Early Bird” Renewal campaign.

  2. Documentation Required
    1. In all cases (apart from errors in payment gateway transactions), you will need to complete and sign a Refund Application Form. A Refund Application Cover Letter or email will accompany a Refund Application Form and will contain necessary instructions and outline timeframes for determination.
    2. Each case will be determined individually according to the reasons provided on the Refund Application Form.
    3. If a Membership is to be transferred, the original Member must provide written permission for this to occur. The transfer of Membership will only occur once we have received adequate personal details from the transferee to transfer the Membership.
  3. Timeframe
    1. We offer a cooling off period of [insert] days (or such longer time as provided under relevant state legislation) for any Membership subscription. Once a Refund Application Form is received, a determination is expected to be made within 14 days. You will be notified in writing and/or via email as soon as possible after a determination is made.
    2. Authorised refunds are to be processed within 5 working days of approval.
    3. Our decision is final and cannot be affected or appealed at any stage.
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