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Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to room allocation and availability. This means that at certain times of the year the resort might have allocated a limited number of rooms for Hightide Vouchers or Hightide Card bookings. Limitations can apply in popular periods such as long weekends and school holidays (if offered for discount vouchers). Once allocations have been taken up, no further bookings can be accepted.  Requests are not guaranteed and may not be available.

The reason for restricted allocations is simply because our rates are so heavily discounted. In popular seasons, resorts can easily fill their rooms with full-rate bookings. Every effort is made to ensure you can use your Hightide Card during these periods to receive a minimum of 10% off standard rates at participating resorts but some exceptions might occur.

You may be required to provide a credit card upon arrival for security purposes. Should a credit card not be available you may be required to pay a cash bond.  The use of a combined debit/credit card may result in money physically being withdrawn from your account.

You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking of any accommodation.  Children (under 18 years) must be accompanied and staying with at least one adult for the duration of the stay. Failure to meet this condition may result in your stay being forfeited.  We take no responsibility for incorrect information.

Each resort offering Hightide Voucher packages have valid periods in which the rates are available. We negotiate Voucher package rates at resorts for up to 12 months ahead; however some resorts offer Voucher packages periodically throughout the year to help fill up unsold rooms.

You can find these deals by logging onto our website or contacting us on our free call number. Please let us know if a particular valid-to date does not suit your plans and we might be able to swap you to a more updated package at the same resort, or a different resort if necessary.

Our Hightide VIP Guide contains paid advertisements from businesses in resort areas, most of which are offering savings to members. We have endeavoured to include only quality establishments; however Hightide Holidays makes no claim in regards to the services or products offered. We value your feedback to help us in making the best choices for future editions.

Properties listed on the website and in the Hightide VIP Guide are only a selection of the properties available for members. We're sure you'll find your ideal getaway at the right price!

Each of our property listings may show the total rooms available and various room types available.

"From $xx per person per night" This is an example rate based on a package price at the selected resort for the various accommodation types. The rate varies based on a minimum night stay with a minimum number of guests.

The Hightide VIP Guide should be used as a guide only. Please check with your reservations consultant or go to the website for full details.

Descriptions of properties featured in Hightide VIP Guide are based on information provided by the participating properties. Any features, facilities or services shown to be included are subject to change at any time. Hightide Holidays does not guarantee the suitability, fitness for purpose, class or standard of the properties printed in this catalogue and as such is not liable for any misleading or false information, misrepresentations, inaccuracies and errors and the disappointment, loss, delay, expense, illness, injury, death, damage or shock associated, irrespective of its cause. Without limitation, we will not be responsible if the product is not available due to inclement weather conditions or other Acts of God.

Reservations Contact Details
Phone:  1300 769 765


Please make your choice then contact one of our reservations consultants who will arrange the booking for you. Note that all reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking. Any verbal quote given is an estimate only and will be confirmed when the reservation is placed with the property. A Pro Rata Booking Fee (amount to be advised on confirmation) will apply to all bookings.

Please give your Hightide Card number and expiry date to the consultant when making a reservation. You will receive a minimum 10% discount off the standard rates that would normally be offered to a customer booking direct with the property though once room allocations to Hightide Holidays are gone, some exceptions might occur. Examples of member savings are shown on the website listings if applicable. The member discount applies to all accommodation types listed on the website for Hightide Card use.

If you are travelling in peak times we recommend that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Minimum lengths of stay can apply at various times throughout the year.

Your Hightide Card and the associated discount cannot be used in conjunction with any discount vouchers or telemarketing package. The minimum 10% best-rate when applicable, applies to room-only rates offered by the property and the competing offer must be an advertised rate accessible to the general public*. This excludes any offers made to clubs and other member groups or organisations, or where money is paid to access the offer.

You will be asked to quote your member number and expiry date when making a reservation. All rates quoted will be the total amount payable after deduction of any voucher value. A valid voucher must be presented to the property on check-in to access voucher rates. Your voucher is non-redeemable if lost or unused.

Unless otherwise specified, no room servicing or meals will be included in the price. Use of your voucher is subject to each property's room allocations, and validity and exclusion periods applicable to voucher use.


Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar. All prices and conditions are correct at the time of catalogue printing but are subject to change without notice.

All prices are inclusive of Australian GST.

1.  A deposit is required at time of booking to secure your reservation. All deposits paid are non refundable or transferable. Deposits may be up to the full amount of the reservation.
2.  A booking fee will apply to all bookings. Pricing is calculated on a Pro Rata basis and will be advised upon booking.
3.  Bookings made 35 days prior to the arrival date will be required to pay full payment at time of booking.
4.  All bookings will require full payment at least 35 days prior to arrival. The credit card holder gives LeisureCom Travel Group Ltd authorisation to automatically process the credit card supplied on this date.
5.  Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and are rounded off to the nearest denominator. All pricing is inclusive of Australian GST unless otherwise advised. Pricing is subject to change without notice.
6.  Any special requests made are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.
7.  By supplying your credit card information you are giving LeisureCom Travel Group Ltd authority to debit your credit card for any monies owing for your booking and therefore are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.
1.  Bookings cancelled within 35 days of arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to the total tariff of accommodation. Bookings cancelled outside 35 days will incur a loss of deposit which may be up to 100% off accommodation costs.
2.  If for any reason full payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to deem the booking cancelled and appropriate cancellation fees will apply.
3.  Amendments are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Any approved amendments to a processed booking will incur a minimum, non negotiable fee of $25.00 plus any fees imposed by the property. Amendments within 35 days may not be accepted.

* Applies to specific resorts only.


Domestic Air Travel
1.  As a convenience we may assist our clients with airline flight bookings. Please be advised that you are booking and paying directly to the airline carrier and any issues with your booking must be addressed with the particular airline you booked with.
2.  All details of your booking and contact information will be on the booking confirmation that is provided to you by the airline you booked with.

Car, Camper & Motorhome Hire
1.  As a convenience we can assist you with holiday car and motorhome rental reservations.
2.  Any booking reservation you make for car or motorhome rental is made by you directly with the car or Motor Home Hire Company and any issues with your booking must be addressed to the particular car or Motor Home Hire Company you booked with.
3.  Any reservation you make with your car or Motor Home Hire Company is subject to the terms and conditions of service applicable for the company with whom you have booked.
4.  All details of your booking including relevant contact information are set out on your booking confirmation which is provided to you by the car rental or Motor Home Hire company you booked with.
5.  It is a material term of all car and motor home rental that the person driving the vehicle has a valid driving licence held for a minimum of two (2) years.
6.  For full terms and conditions of Apollo Camper & Motorhomes Australia, view the Terms & Conditions 14-15 PDF
7.  For full terms and conditions of Apollo Camper & Motorhomes New Zealand, view the Terms & Conditions 14-15 PDF

Travel Insurance
1.  As a convenience we can assist our clients with travel insurance through QBE.
2.  The pricing of and information about insurance is provided on request.
3.  Please be advised that the travel insurance you are purchasing is being bought from and paid directly to QBE and any such insurance is underwritten subject to their terms and conditions.
4.  Any issues with your travel insurance policy must be addressed directly to QBE. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions and PDS applicable to Travel Insurance. Please view the QBE Product Disclosure Statement PDF
5.  A copy of the travel insurance policy you purchased will be provided by QBE.

1.  A valid member's Hightide Card must be mentioned when making bookings with all affiliates, bookings made in advance are recommended.
2.  A valid member's Card must be presented to the affiliate to be eligible to redeem the Card  discount or special offer agreed to by the affiliate.
3.  All Card discounts and special offers are subject to availability.  The affiliate has the right to deny a booking if there is no availability.  The affiliate may also apply a surcharge for public holidays or peak periods.
4.  Affiliates may have specific exclusions and conditions for their Card discount or special offer.
5.  Affiliate may offer a discount or special offer up to a specific value.
6.  Cruises and/or outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions and load maximums.
7.  Restaurants may restrict table numbers, have specific value maximums, and restrict discounts or special offers to certain menu items.  Where a special of buy 1 get 1 free is offered, the meal of greater value is to be paid for and the meal of equal or lesser value is to be given as free of charge.
8.  Card discounts and special offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other discounts or special offers.
9.  Affiliates and/or affiliate discounts or special offers are subject to change without notice.  For any updates, discounts or special offer changes, additions or other information please visit


Hightide Holidays endeavours to provide the best possible product and service to all current, past and potential members.  However, where members request a refund of their membership fees, Hightide Holidays will honour these requests in accordance with the applicable consumer trade laws.  

Reason for Refund.
An overview of the situation where Hightide Holidays will authorise or decline a refund are listed in the following table:

  Request reason

Refund applies

  Change of mind


  Unable to use product


  Unauthorised transaction


  Clear misrepresentation of the product


  Renewed in error - membership already active


In all cases, members have full use of their membership while a determination to refund is being made.

Further expansions of these common reasons are listed below to assist the determining officer in more complex cases:

Change of mind
Where a customer has a previous sales history with Hightide Holidays, any "cooling off period” that applies in State & Territory Fair Trading legislation does not apply. Hightide Holidays Management reserve the right to refuse a Refund based on change of mind

Unable to Use Product
Hightide Holidays Management Reserve the right to refuse a refund, however if the member is unable to take advantage of the membership after purchase, the membership may be transferred to another party.  The onus is on the client to source the transferee and determine the resale price.  Transfers are effected free of charge by Hightide Holidays upon written request from the original member.

Unauthorised Transaction
It is understood that when Hightide Holidays has provided the full price and nature of the product, verbalised our Product Disclosure Statement, and the customer subsequently provides their Credit Card details in order to purchase this product, that the resulting credit card debit becomes an authorised transaction that cannot be disputed. 

Where a credit card sale is post-dated at the request of the customer, authorisation is retained and the sale processed unless the consumer notifies Hightide Holidays prior to the agreed post-date.  Where there is clearly no authority to proceed with a transaction, a full refund will apply. 

In cases where the payment gateway attracts multiple transaction in error, an Immediate Refund* applies.

An immediate refund will be authorised internally and does not require a Refund Request Form (see below) to be completed. Verification of multiple transactions is obtained through the Hightide Holidays Accounts Department.

Clear Misrepresentation of the Product
If the information provided to a customer proves to be incorrect, a full refund will be provided. 

However, due to the constant variances in the accommodation industry, the scope of product available in membership may change from time to time. If the product changes after the date of sale, a refund will not apply as no clear misrepresentation has occurred.  This will apply particularly where specific resorts no longer providing discounts to Hightide Holidays as well as changes in rates and allotments.

Hightide Holidays Resort Specific Voucher packages will be honoured by the resort regardless of variances in a contract with Hightide Holidays.

Renewed in error (membership already active) 
Members are able to renew their own membership on-line and may do so in error well before renewal is due.  Where this occurs more than 90 days prior to the membership expiry date, a refund will be provided. 

If this occurs within 90 days of the membership expiry date, a refund will not be given.  Instead, the membership period will be extended accordingly.  

A refund will not be provided in the above circumstances where membership has been renewed under a specific “Early Bird” Renewal campaigns. 

Documentation Required
In all cases (apart from errors in payment gateway transactions), a Refund Application Form will be completed and signed by the customer.  A Refund Application Cover Letter or email will accompany a Refund Application Form and will contain necessary instructions to the customer and outline timeframes for determination.

If a membership is to be transferred, the original member must provide written or verbal permission for this to occur.  Verification checks will be performed by Hightide Holidays. The transfer of membership will only occur once adequate personal details to initiate a member file are received by Hightide Holidays.

There is no time limits placed on members requesting a refund (with the exception of members eligible to apply under State & Territory "cooling-off period" legislation). Once a Refund Application Form is received, a determination is expected to be made within 14 days. A customer is to be notified in writing and/or via email as soon as possible after a determination is made. 

Authorised refunds are to be processed within 5 working days of approval

Refund Eligibility
Hightide Holidays Management handles each individual case according to the reasons clarified on the form by the member. Due to Privacy laws, all applications are review only by Hightide Holidays Management.

It is Hightide Holidays Policy that all consultants reiterate the Final Product Discloser statement and all calls at this point will be recorded for training and quality purposes. The Holiday Consultant who originally organised the membership in discussion will be informed if further investigation is required.

Once the decision is made by Hightide Holidays Management, the outcome is Final and cannot be affected at any stage. All Application outcomes are determined by the above Terms and Conditions.

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