Four Tips to Help You Save for Your Holiday

Posted on June 23, 2016

Four Tips to Help You Save for Your Holiday - Hightide Holidays

The magnificent golden beaches and stunning turquoise ocean that follow much of Australia’s coastline make beach holidays hard to choose between. Not to mention there’s also plenty of breathtaking Hinterland, rainforest, and rugged outback landscapes to explore!  Australia is a destination that has a plethora of in demand destinations, so here are our four tips to help you save for your next holiday!

Plan ahead

Plan Ahead - Four Tips to Help You Save for Your Holiday - Hightide Holidays

Plan your getaway in advance by choosing what type of experience you want. The options are endless in Australia with stunning snorkelling spots, beautiful rainforest retreats, camping in exotic locations or escaping to the snow for an adventure getaway.  Once you know what type of holiday you are after, set aside a small amount of money each month to make your dream escape a reality!

Expect the unexpected!

Expect the Unexpected - Hightide Holidays

Naturally we want to experience EVERYTHING when we are on holiday and sometimes the holiday enthusiasm can get us a little carried away. So keep yourself & wallet in check by choosing your activities in advance! With all the aromatic restaurants, tempting shops, exotic excursions and other attractions available, planning ahead will help you spend less, stay within budget and be more relaxed on your getaway! 

Save separately 

Save separately for your holidays - Hightide Holidays

Open a new savings account for your holiday and automatically put aside money towards your trip each pay, even if it is only $50!  Every dollar added will help get you away!

Don’t skip the holiday completely!

Don't Skip The Holiday Completely - Four Tips to Help You Save for your Holiday - Hightide Holidays

If you get to holiday time, and your account is still a little short, don’t skip your holiday altogether. You can still create beautiful memories with your family or friends by spending a weekend away close to home. Road trips can be a great time to create memories and a beautiful destination is never far away when you call Australia home. 

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